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Freeman Investigations, Chapter 8: Epilogue
Everything - not just me, but the world itself - sort of seized up, went a dull gray. The faces of the people around me stopped, and then ebbed into a sort of dark stream of light. A face appeared, the same one from the drawings - way too close to me, but this was just another illusion. Then the face spoke.
“Hello again, Mr. Freeman.” I was expecting it, but I still flinched - he was speaking right in my ear, yet from all directions at once. Talk about surround sound.
Then the face vanished, as the world streamed and started to resolve. I blinked -  I was in my office.
Wait, forget that, was I really?
I tilted my head, and it was a strange sensation - like when one of those weird magic-eye patterns resolves into a clear image, but more so. This was all a fake - everything looked perfectly like my office, down to the last detail, but it was a facade, an illusion. If you’re familiar with a place as I was with my office, you can notice if something is even the slightest
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Freeman Investigations, Chapter 7
“Dr. Freeman?” said a voice, as someone shook my head.
My eyes burst open, and I waved my hands like I was swatting flies. Alyx Vance’s face filled my view, and she smiled as I grumbled incoherently. “You drifted off for a few minutes, Doctor. You were right - this is an early start.”
Raising myself to a sitting position, I scanned my surroundings - a drab, metallic box, big windows, a few hard seats. The Black Mesa transit tram again, which probably explained that dream. I had had it quite a few times in the past decade, which was apparently a sign of PTSD. Dreams weren’t normally that vivid, or that coherent - outside of fiction, of course, but, in my judgement, I already have too many prospective mental disorders on my plate without adding paranoia about being a fictional character.
In case you were wondering, that’s exactly how the Incident went - the huge sponge, a few hundred meters thick all around, had simply teleported in there, killin
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United States
I'm just this guy, you know?

More specifically, I'm this guy who loves Valve games, and lots of sci-fi and fantasy book series.

I'm Laszlo (the finest mind of a generation!) in :iconhalf-lifers:


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Uhura and Dr. Carol Marcus kiss art please! (From Star Trek Into Darkness)
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